Your Hillbilly At Work

This was the basketball game I covered in Jackson CA, at Argonaut High School. The officials were horrible and the school’s administration had little control over their crowd. Notice how the commentators place the blame on me. Start viewing at the 24:39 mark. I am the guy they call the AD, which I am not. And they also knock me for not sitting with our crowd. There were maybe ten of them. Bottom line, the refs were not qualified to work a playoff game, and the site administration did not control the crowd. Blame me? Sorry, take the collar for your own lack of abilities.

T Minus 49 And Counting

49 working days til summer vacation. And I can’t wait. Between almost losing my two pups to a virus, and all the budget issues at work, I need some fishing time! Then again, with cost of living rising, and the check decreasing, I just might end up working a part-time summer job.

Question is, who wants to hire a guy like me for a part-time summer job? What employer wants to invest in somebody who will only be working for a few months? Guess I could pick crops, or work for a canary. I bet I would be a popular guy working in the fields of Central Cali:)

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