Easter Break Is Here

One of the upsides working for a public school is not always the amount of time of, but the “Days” off. I am a stickler for Christian Holidays as are many of my co-workers. We make sure to go out of our way to say things like, “Christmas”, and “Easter breaks” instead of “Holiday and “Spring Breaks”.

I am so tired of the pandering to the Whiney Minority. It does not cause cancer to hear our read the words Christmas or Easter. I will take this rant a step further. I am tired og the hyphenated American labels. If I see a dude committing a crime, I am giving a physical description….black, white, Asian, male female, fat, skinny,big Hooters, pointy head, hairy ears, pencil neck, ect…

I wonder if there is a white dude sitting in and African school demanding to be called American-African? Of course not! Only in America can you find folks that are so self loathing, they have to create a racial or religious controversy to distract them from their very own short comings.

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  1. edge of the sandbox
    Mar 28, 2013 @ 11:54:56

    The PC police is eating it’s own tail in the Bay Area. My daughter’s public school no longer has Halloween. It’s “fall festival”. The only holiday they celebrate explicitly is Chinese New Year, even if most Asian kids are probably Christian. Interestingly enough, they have marshal arts presentation for Chinese New Year. So violent!


  2. madmatt6773
    Apr 27, 2013 @ 20:36:56

    Got to thinking about this today, I don’t know why it took so long to connect the dots.

    1) The use of illegal drugs presently or previously precludes legal gun and/or ammo possession and/or use.

    2) Obama admitted his former drug use.

    3) The While House released a photo of Obama shooting a shotgun.

    4) Obama committed a felony.

    5) Felons may not hold the office of President of the
    United States.


    Feel free to run with this.


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