68 of 73

Yup, day 68 of my 73 days of summer vacation. Sorry for the lack of postings and visitations, but the first week of vacation is always a busy one: Beers, golf,bowling,fishing, and gym time slows this Hillbilly blogger way down. No worries, I will be easing back into the saddle here shortly.

God Bless you all.

Trey Gowdy Is A Fricking Stud!

Dog And Owner Survive Twister

Make sure you have tissues, or a long sleeve shirt

“It” and Memorial Day

Masako and Spam Musubi

In the 2012 limited release movie, “Memorial Day”, children are playing at their grandparent’s home in a rural setting. It is Memorial Day weekend.  A 13 year old boy stumbles across a dusty box in a barn.

The box is his grandfather’s WWII Army footlocker, emblazoned with the unit insignia of his famed unit, the 82nd Airborne.  It is filled with “souvenirs” he had brought home from war.

The young grandson probingly asks the grandfather for the stories behind the souvenirs to which he curtly answers no – and bitterly orders the boy to take the footlocker back to where he found it.

“It’s Memorial Day…” says the grandson.

“Damn straight it is,” barks back the grandfather.

The young lad digs in, not wanting to fall short in his quest for answers, and pushes the footlocker even closer to his grandfather.

The grandson then doggedly asks, “What is it I’m…

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Golf And Fried Chicken: No Bad Jokes Allowed

If you are not a golf geek like myself, you probably don’t have a clue to who Sergio Garcia is. However, Tiger Woods probably rings a bell. Sergio made the typical “Fried Chicken” joke, and now every one has their plad pants in a knot. Here is the conversation on a thread located at the Golf Channel’s web-site. I made the point that if a black guy makes a joke directed at another black dude, all is well. Hell, Black dude can make a joke directed at a white dude, and all is well. But let white guy poke fun at black,brown,yellow, gree, or blue guy, and it is RACIST! Here are some comments and a link.


John Heaton•37 minutes ago−
Nothing more than a bad joke. Golf writers need material. Let Chris Rock make the same type of comment, and the same folks who are ripping Sergio, would be laughing their rears off. Sergio should have made a “porn-star” joke, would have had a better shot at being funny.

dorado dorado>

because it’s different when a white person does it against a black person.


No, it’s not. Racist language is racist language, regardless of “which” group uses it against the other.

dorado dorado>

it does matter, because one is entitled to make fun of themselves, but not make fun of others.

this was not racist language, it was a racist remark. that’s why people are tripping up over the “fried chicken” comment, because that in of itself is not racist. it was the context under which he made it.

john Heaton>

“entitiled”? That says it all right there.

John Heaton> o
Really? Sounds like a double standard is in place

IRS Targeting This Hillbilly? It Is Now A Legit Question

I can’t believe I an sayning this, but “thanks you Barry, and those who control you for targeting conservative white Christians.” I can now make the claim I am being assesed additional federal income tax penalities because I am a C.W.C. I don’t make a lot of money, but I apparently make enough to owe $2,000 more.

Just when I figure I am finally financially above water, I receieve the letter this past Saturday. Yes, Saturday; when all of the government offices are closed. Opened the letter at 12:30 pm. and was ready to blow something up by 12:31pm. I understand why people who make millions try their best to protect assest. My $2,000 bill was targeted to replace my truck’s engine. Now, the mechanic will not get a dime from me, and his profit will not be spent with any local merchants. If I made 60 million dollars, my taxes would be between 19-22 million? That generates a lot of income for others. It also allows people to secure their families’ futures for generations.

I am planning on meeting with the IRS this Wednesday. I am not expecting anything to go my way. I am eager to hear the expanation. I will also not drive to their office, beacuase I might just want to plow the car through the doors after I leave $2,000 poorer!

Never Enough 80’s

Obamacare socks union health plans with 40% tax | WashingtonExaminer.com

I am a Conservative in the CSEA. I have been warning fellow members for years to stop voting the “Union Line”. I too was called all kinds of names and laughed at. Guess what? Many members realized I was correct when I told them to compare check stubs from just a year ago to their most recent. Sadly, the union’s top leadership is either ignorant, greedy, or both. They are claiming victory from the past elections. Won’t be long until California public unions get hammered by the non-union voters. And rightfully so.

Obamacare socks union health plans with 40% tax | WashingtonExaminer.com.

Actor Nick Searcy slams pro-aborts: How can they feign outrage at Gosnell? Was he ‘too messy?’

Bacon Flavored Mouthwash

Beer flavored tooth-paste?


Bacon flavored mouthwash? What’s not to love about that?

New Scope Bacon: It kills 99.9% of bad breath germs with 100% bacon taste.

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