In And Out Post

Just stopping in to let everyone know that the fishing has been great, and the beers cold. Getting close to the half way point of my vacation. OK, I don’t really want to think about work at all.
Wishing the very best to you all and God Bless.

Obamabots Clueless About Obama’s Scandals: But Hey, He’s Awesome!

The Pop In

It is obvious I am placing my summer vacation ahead of my posting here. And I am loving it! Now I know why I always say that work is for suckers. Got some fishing and golf planned for the next few days. So I will be popping out til then.

God Bless everyone 🙂


look no hands

Tjis is my first post ever via phone. I am currently ten plus beers deep, Hank jt blasting, snd my pups are happy as clams. I am sure th Feds are listening  but I got God  beer, dogs, and a big ol shotgun. I lke my odds 

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