Unloading My CPU

Since I am so busy with vacation duties, I have realized that my CPU, aka my brain, is in need of some serious downloading. Due mostly to the simple fact that I catch just enough news, thanks to the TV’s at the gym, and the car radio, to get me fired up. So as always here come my thoughts and rants in no particular order:

Why the heck do the coppers in Florida feel the need to ask certain people not to riot if the outcome of a trail is not to there liking? because a defendant is thought to be white, (he is actually Latin, but don’t let facts screw up the agenda), and the “victim” is black, that most black folks in the are too ignorant to control themselves. Nice message coppers.

Message to the radical gays who feel the need to be glossed as married: Why do you want the government in your business? Draw up a partnership contract and then say whatever you want. Leave the straight marriage folks alone. Why pushy fags are running their mouths they do not realize that this is exactly what the evil folks in D.C. wants: A distraction while they gut our constitution and take over control of ever aspect of our lives.

I thought we won WWII? So why do we still have troops in Japan and Germany?

We can win WWII but we can’t control who enters our nation? Can you say government scam?

The president wants to destroy the coal industry, the same that helped us win wars, and build the greatest nation the planet has ever known. Why? Once again, just look at the D.C. scammers.

Why do men’s swim trunks never have pockets? Why do we guys hide our wallets in our shoes knowing that the entire criminal world knows this?

Are slugs the “homeless” population of the snail community?

Bowling should be a popular sport for racist black folks: Black ball smashing into 10 white pins with rednecks.

I need to get back to summer vacation why I still can. Work is beginning to
pop its ugly little head up!

Now You See Me….Now You…..

Yup, less than 35 days of vacation left. Bowling average pushing 200, golf handicap pushing 15, and beer count is infinity! I will be making up for my lack of postings as I near my return to work. Thank goodness the 4th of July is passed, my poor dog Hazel is still in shock from the idiots who choose to set off bombs instead of fireworks.

God Bless to you all;


Created By Geniuses, Run By Idiots

My title; “Created By Geniuses, Run By Idiots” is a tee-shirt a fellow bowler was wearing last Friday and refers to the Founding Fathers, and our current Floundering, Corrupt politicians and money changers we have running our country. Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. A date that celebrates our great nations birth. Sadly, our Constitution is nothing more than a speed-bump to those that are transforming the USA into a sadistic nanny state.

I never thought the Feds would have the power to force an individual to purchase health care insurance. I never thought the Feds would openly crush private industries like financial, housing, and fossil fuels. I still am in disbelief that millions of criminals are going to be rewarded with US citizenship.

So this 4th of July, I will be celebrating the life of our nation: 1776-2012. I would rather celebrate what was once the greatest nation God has ever allowed to thrive on His planet, than the death of it. Make no mistake, what was created by geniuses, is no more, what is being run by Idiots, is alive and well in all of its sickness and evil.

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