fishing the San Joaquin river in California

fishing the San Joaquin river in California


Bill Willy B W. Lawn Tractor And Beers life is good


You Want Fries With That?

Fast food clerk is not a career, it is a job you gain experience from, and then move up or on to bigger and better things. I would have fired the entire crew. I don’t believe there should be a government mandated minimum wage. Let the market set the wage.

The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man

This is a great guy and an awesome show!

Jib Jab 2010

Just had to re-post this. It just cracks me up everytime I see it:) The Obama muppet is wearing will Smith’s ears!

A Big Dose Of Too Cute

With all the crap going on all around us, the power of a puppy is needed. Thank God He gave us dogs.

Here’s To Tuesday

Tuesday is the most over looked day of the week, but not with the Hillbilly!

In Defense of “Pale Males”

Pat Buchanan: ‘Whites Are The Only Group You Can Discriminate Against Legally In America Now’

WWII Hero Murdered By Two Blacks : Hey Obama Could They Be Your Sons?

I can hardly put into words how angry I am about the murder of this WWII hero and the blacks that did it. The media will not mention the facts: Blacks killing innocent whites because of their skin color. Heck, the media barely reports about the out of control black on black crime! When the rubber hits the road, my money is on us goood ol’ boys coming out on top.

An 88-year-old World War II veteran was savagely beaten by two teenagers in a parking lot in Spokane, Wash., on Wednesday evening, KXLY-TV reports. Delbert Belton died in the hospital Thursday morning from the injuries he sustained in the brutal attack.

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