Unbelievable! MSNBC’s Reid Asks: Why Is The Right So Determined To Make Chris Lane Shooting Racial?

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  1. J.G.Lord
    Aug 22, 2013 @ 15:07:07

    I am hopeful Ms.Lane may read or receive my comment. 1. the shooting was done after the young men , I prefer to say murders advertised they were going to murder a wood, a cracker etcetera. 2. their tweets text and statements made it clear they hate despise and have no concern or respect for whites.3, in reading the hate crimes bill this murder fits every aspect of the definition of the law than the much loved T.M. case.4. Chicago and Illinois have at this time very stringent gun laws and still these three who are under age were able to attain a weapon and perform their heinous act.5. if TM attacking a Hispanic and beating him then being shot, is a hate crime; why is not a drive by shooting by three Africans of American decent not a hate crime remember the victim is an Aussie not an American’
    In closing I have tried to use the PLC terms to define the murders and their victims and still must ask when will anyone on the national scene come out to defend the rights of the victims of the vicious vile evil murders who feel murder of whites is a fun and joyful thing. why do minister like Jessie and Al defend murders and people acting in violence when Christ said live in peace love those who hate you, it is a credit to the white community that there has been and will be no attacks of vengeance on the African community. the why is simple we as a whole respect life and follow the law rather than living to hate.


  2. The Conservative Hill Billy
    Aug 22, 2013 @ 15:56:37

    J, I am not PC, no reason to sugar coat the facts of life. If a person kill another due to the color of their skin, it is a race related crime. Notice how the brand new ethinic group was created for Zimmerman? White….Hispanic? I guess Barry Hussein is White/African:)


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