Response To Guest Opinion: Carol J. Ornelas’ “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Needed”

Here is a my letter that is published in the latest copy of the Riverbank News. It was in response to a guest editor’s post:
Response To Guest Opinion: Carol J. Ornelas’ “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Needed”

I would like to submit this for publication under Letters To The Editor: In response to the Guest Opinion by Carol J. Ornelas entitled “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Needed”, I would like to question some of her assertions. Lets start with the obvious: It is not “Reform”. It is the blatant disregard by our state and federal governments to enforce the laws that regulate immigration. “The majority of immigrants” (of course, she is lumping legal and illegal into one pile) “in California are working in agriculture,construction, or the service industry.” This is great news for the masses of unemployed workers in California. And don’t try to drop the “only illegal immigrants are willing to work certain jobs.” Remove the illegal alien workers, and the employers will find employees to fill the void. “To keep our economy strong, we must pass a comprehensive immigration reform..” Really? our economy is in the tank now, so this is just a blatant lie. “Parents and children are torn a part as they are separated from one another.” Why is this a concern? Good parents will take their children with them. Of course, some countries do not grant citizenship to people born outside of their countries. Besides, illegal aliens made the choice to break the law, so they must be willing to accept responsibility for their actions. I also notice that Carol fails to address the illegal alien population that is incarcerated and how illegal aliens have affected our K-12 educational system. Lastly, notice who employs Carol and who her company has teamed with: La Raza. Citizenship is not a right, it is a privilege. To give it to any person simply because they are able to circumvent our laws is wrong an immoral.

Here is a link that provides company names that are directly associated with the name Carol J. Ornelas. Looks like there is some cash being made too me.

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  1. augustinehippo1
    Aug 23, 2013 @ 11:22:49

    The following immigration laws are being proposed as Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Read to the very end or you will miss why this should be acceptable to the Mexicans here legally and otherwise.

    1. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools.
    2. All ballots will be in this nation’s language..
    3.. All government business will be conducted in our language.
    4. Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here.
    5. Non-citizens will NEVER be able to hold political office
    6 Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care, or other government assistance programs. Any burden will be deported.
    7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount at least equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.
    8. If foreigners come here and buy land… options will be restricted. Certain parcels including waterfront property are reserved for citizens naturally born into this country.
    9. Foreigners may have no protests; no demonstrations, no waving of a foreign flag, no political organizing, no bad-mouthing our president or his policies. These will lead to deportation.
    10. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be actively hunted when caught, sent to jail until your deportation can be arranged. All assets will be taken from you.

    The above laws are current immigration laws of MEXICO. So clearly all the Hispanics/Mexicans/Latinos will be PROUD to adopt them here. After all, if its good enough for Mexico, its good enough for us.


  2. The Conservative Hill Billy
    Aug 23, 2013 @ 12:06:19

    A-1…I have posted this before……Mexico must be “Racist” 🙂


  3. TeachX3
    Aug 23, 2013 @ 15:25:34

    Great response letter HB, stand strong brother!


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