WWII Hero Murdered By Two Blacks : Hey Obama Could They Be Your Sons?

I can hardly put into words how angry I am about the murder of this WWII hero and the blacks that did it. The media will not mention the facts: Blacks killing innocent whites because of their skin color. Heck, the media barely reports about the out of control black on black crime! When the rubber hits the road, my money is on us goood ol’ boys coming out on top.

An 88-year-old World War II veteran was savagely beaten by two teenagers in a parking lot in Spokane, Wash., on Wednesday evening, KXLY-TV reports. Delbert Belton died in the hospital Thursday morning from the injuries he sustained in the brutal attack.

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  1. IdealisticRebel
    Aug 26, 2013 @ 11:47:59

    Ok, first I agree with you that this vet is dead. It is awful and so sad. Very sad. But I must say that black didn’t kill him. Young men killed him. Color doesn’t kill, rape, or start wars, people do and it should not matter what color they are. In harmony and peace, Barbara


    • jonolan
      Aug 27, 2013 @ 14:20:29

      No. Blacks killed him, young, male Blacks. Not Whites, not “young men,” not even really people (as some safely anonymous mass) – Blacks and because they wanted to kill some Whites and an old man was a safe target.

      Race or color don’t do anything but culture does and “Black Culture” is a culture of loathing, hate, and violence which is focused on being damaging and antithetical to America’s normative White culture.

      Read the background on the attack and the thugs and it’ll be more clear to you.


      • IdealisticRebel
        Aug 27, 2013 @ 16:22:40

        You are entitled to your opinion. Young white men commit murder also. Our entire culture no matter what color or nationality has become filled with hate and violence. We are all from the same human species. There is no one better or worse. There is the human family.

  2. IdealisticRebel
    Aug 26, 2013 @ 11:48:52

    Reblogged this on idealisticrebel and commented:
    Color didn’t kill him. It was young men.


  3. Heartafire
    Aug 26, 2013 @ 11:52:58

    o, wow, how disappointing to read this, but feel I must reply. It is heartbreaking and tragic and I feel sick when I think of the brutal killing of this fine man. Your comments fuel prejudice and destruction. Hatred will not solve our problems.


    • The Conservative Hill Billy
      Aug 26, 2013 @ 12:08:01

      Not sure why my comments fuel prejudice and destruction: It is a fact that the media, and many government agencies treat black on white crime differently than white on non-white crime. My anger is with the criminals, not with non criminals. There are some very good folks who happen to be black, that agree that there is a double standard with how certain crimes are handled.
      You don’t see the Jesse Jackson’s and the Al Sharpton’s saying a peep about this.


    • J.G.Lord
      Aug 26, 2013 @ 13:09:47

      My dear young lady when bullies are running rampant what must one do? we tell our children to speak out come and tell us and the law will protect you. at this time we have a division in our nation, who is being encouraged to commit heinous crimes against others. these young men advertised what they were going to do, they were encouraged to do it. so any person with any empathy for the victim and his family would be angry. but I ask you to consider this we are not calling for retribution but justice we are not tweeting and seeking to take vengeances but we are as always allowing the law to do its job. we are speaking out about a grave injustices that must be addressed and is not.


  4. The Conservative Hill Billy
    Aug 26, 2013 @ 12:02:44

    Barbara, the fact the young men are black, and that if you reverse the players, and it was two white guys killing a black WWII vet, that race would be made a huge issue. I am trying to point out the hyprocrisy when it come to how these types of crimes are reported.


  5. J.G.Lord
    Aug 26, 2013 @ 13:00:31

    I am pleased to see I am not alone out here. Race is an issue when there have been so many of these outrageous attacks and our great leader the man of peace stands in silence when he does not speak out against this evil he in stark silence gives his consent. to lead he must speak out for he in silence is tearing this nation he swore to protect into many pieces. As I have said we are now a nation of Hyphen-nations living in division and awaiting the day when the hate rage and anger burst the seams and finally destroy the dream of freedom for all. when you make special laws for certain groups you in effect make all others not of those groups second class citizen’s and place them in danger of percussion we have arrived at that point. clock work orange


  6. Carl D'Agostino
    Aug 26, 2013 @ 17:56:23

    I spent 33 years as a teacher in mostly black schools. I’ve done more for equality than those jerks that call us cracker


  7. poemsandponderings
    Aug 26, 2013 @ 21:34:57

    I don’t expect to hear from Rev’s Al or Jesse on this. That is until the animals are caught and then of course, “Persecuted” by the “White Criminal (In)justice System”..


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