You Want Fries With That?

Fast food clerk is not a career, it is a job you gain experience from, and then move up or on to bigger and better things. I would have fired the entire crew. I don’t believe there should be a government mandated minimum wage. Let the market set the wage.

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  1. List of X
    Aug 29, 2013 @ 20:58:13

    I do grasp the fact that higher minimum wage will translate into higher costs for you and me. But let’s not forget the fact that when full-time minimum wage employees are paid $7.25/hour, they can still be eligible for foodstamps, Medicare, Medicaid, rent support, and other federal and state assistance, and that’s coming out of our taxes. So we are already subsidizing people on minimum wage. Let’s also keep in mind that in some states the combined federal and state assistance to people who don’t work can actually be higher than full time minimum wage income (I live in one of these states). So there is absolutely no economic reason for these people to get a job, if by working they actually lose money – and you and I already sponsor these people too.


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