Computer Issues And Just Plain Busy

Have not posted in awhile due to some puter issues, and just being busy. Weather is excellent here in central California, so I have been jamming a bunch of projects in…..Translation: Lots of beer and bbqing:)



TWG UPDATE: Rather than retype all of this, here are some of my comments and concerns over this mess, as posted yesterday in another article.

They WILL try. Here’s my questions and concerns:

1) How far will the clintons get with their relentless attempts to relinquish our veto rights at the UN cabal? With 152 member Nations standing AGAINST our gun rights, it’s not hard to see where that is headed.

2) How will obama’s MASSIVE weapons trafficking come into play there? With the obama regime trafficking weapons, finances, food, medicine, training and other war supplies to their islamic terrorist pals in the middle east, South America, and wherever else their terrorist pals are slithering around, there will be no surprise WHEN the UN cabal uses that against us. We signed the CFR a long time ago. When we did that we agreed to obey the UN if it was…

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Alien Baby CPR

From my CPR class yesterday..this was the practice baby!

Ricky’s Kid

Found this video while I was looking for Chuck Berry vids. The Nelsom family is blessed with talent.

AM Radio Getting Even Better

There is no doubt that next to the internet, A.M. radio provides access to information that we the people might never hear fron T.V. and newspapers. But I am talking about music. Not too long ago, a classic country and western station appeared; 1420am originating out of Stockton California. Yes, the same Stockton filled with gang scum and drugs. Now there is another station playing top 50 hits from the 50’s to 70’s. I heard Chuck Berry, Waylon Jennings, and B.T.O. on the way to work. Sure beats the crap that is being made and played these days. I am not sure if these are independent stations, or if it is a coporate thing, but either way… it rocks..and it country’s too!

More Dude Lucy Elvis And Me

Forgot all about this vid. These two loved to lay around and watch me drink beer…Heck, who would not?

Dude 2001-2012

Lucy ‘s Last Summer

This was taken by my buddy this past summer. I am the one with the BEER!

Puppy Crush

Puppy Love

My little guy, B.W., has a crush on Hazel. Wherever she goes, B.W. is closer than her shadow!


Dude Lucy And Me Circa 2007


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