Ready For Some Football!

Here is this week’s schedule. Also, Why did ESPN hire back the foul mouthed leftist hate monger Keith Obermann? Yet fire Hank Jr. and Charlie Daniels because they spoke their opinions? I am growing to hate ESPN.

Thursday Night game:

Baltimore @ Denver

Sunday games:

Miami @ Cleveland

Tampa Bay @ New York Jets

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh

New England @ Buffalo

Cincinnati @ Chicago

Atlanta @ New Orleans

Minnesota @ Detroit

Oakland @ Indianapolis

Seattle @ Carolina

Kansas City @ Jacksonville

Arizona @ St. Louis

Green Bay @ San Francisco

New York Giants @ Dallas

Monday Night Games:

Philadelphia @ Washington

Houston @ San Diego

I like Denver Cleveland Tampa Pitt NE Cincy N.O. Det Indy Seattle K.C Arizona SF Dallas Redskins and Houston.

For the record I am a Dolphins fan….Looking foward towards another sub par year:(

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