BREAKING: ‘2 Million Bikers’ Arrive In D.C. – ‘Million Muslim March’ A Bust; Cops Outnumber Muslims

If a million Muslims where showing up to praise America and to condem other Muslims for the sub-human acts towards Christians,Jews, women, and moderate Muslims, then I think the bikers would have welcomed with open arms. By not showing they revealed the true intent of their march. Watch the lefties and media sceam bigot and racist, and declare how many white TEA party type folks were on those bikes.

College Golf Fellowship Blog

Found this blog. As most know, I coach high school golf and am a Christian. Here is a great blog to checkout if you share the same interest, or even if you don’t.

Why Ban Chem Warfare?

I have been attempting to stay away from anything political lately, but this thought shot through my cranium on the way to work: Chem weapons, if developed properly, are much more efficient and less destructive than conventional bombs and bullets. Plus, they are actually “Green Warfare.” It takes a lot less fossil fuels to rebuild after a chem attack than a regular or “smart bomb” raid.

I would think chemical weapons would be the weapon of choice in a civil war.

Just a tid-bit of information we are not hearing much about from Syria: There are two major gas pipelines that both Russia and ourselves are deeply interested in. Makes you go HMMM?

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