Man Wears Obama Mask To Office Halloween Party; Company Promptly Orders Sensitivity Training For All 750 Employees

5 Simple Things

Being sick the past few days, reminds how blessed I am with good health. So I started thinking about the things I love to do that many can’t do because of illness or physical limitations;

1. Swinging a golf club

2. Lifting weights

3. Fishing

4. Bowling

5. Drinking beer

I guess I could be a veggie and still drink beer!

good bye flu

sorry for the lack of post, but me and the flu bug werebest buddies the past few days. i was lucky enough to only have the massive head and body aches strain. no hurls and squirts this go around. i will be a bit more active in the days to come.


Why The Good Ol’ Boys And Girls In Both Parties Despise Ted Cruz

Just tak a listen to his pop’s story.

No Kidding…..

I have to share this. On the drive to work this morning, the radio news reported on the Royal family’s baby christening. A bystander who was asked a question by the reporter, gave some answer. I could not hear this do to the simple fact I was blowing coffee through my snout. The person’s name was ” Harry Balls.” No joke. I bet they could have asked his buddy ” ” Dick Peters” another question.

I tell ya, I need to be a comedy writer. I could go on for hours with real life stuff!

Promises To Your Dogs

Promise to my dogs

Found this on Face Book today. I once declined to sell my house because I got not find another dwelling that would be large enough for my Mastiff and me. I lost $150,000 on the deal….and would gladly do it again.

No Fun


Toon It Up Thursday

With all the junk coming out of D.C. and the Daily news, I just have to say “Duck It”.

Lone Star Deets And The Washington Redskins

Amazing what a bit of research can add to a conversation. Bob Costas, went on an ignorant rant last night during the Redskins, Cowboys game. He should have watched this video first.

The Value of “Money”

Add yWhen someone uses a government-issued EBT card, they are purchasing goods and services with someone else’s productive labor. That productive labor was taken from the worker and redistributed to a non-worker”.

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