Stop Lollygagging: I will Tomorrow

I have a few projects that I have been meaning to do: Fix the connecting cable on my riding lawn tractor. Organizing my spare bedroom which houses all of my attire. Prep truck to do major engine repair.

A non-lollygagger would perform a few duties each weekend, or in the evenings, in order to accomplish these task. But this is not how I wash my hog. I will put these task off for a long period of time, and I will finally wake up in the middle of the night and go total Rain Man. OK, this is an older movie reference that some folks don’t pick up on. The scene where Hoffman and Cruise are in the car and Hoffman starts ranting about the Judge Wapner show starting at 4pm. He goes into a panick until he gets in front of the tube. Yup, I will spend all day getting as much done on all of the projects as possible. Of course, I will not fully complete any of the task, but I will satisfy my lolygagging gene.

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