Who Are Not Warriors

I caught part of a discussion on the radio this morning about pro athletes that refer to themselves and teammates as warriors, and describing their games as battle or war. So here goes my take…or rant on the subject:

Professional athletes are not warriors going into battle. They are gifted athletes who play children’s games who want to make a lot of money and have fun doing it. Throwing, hitting, catching, kicking, and running after a ball does not a warrior make. It does not make one brave or heroic.

So what is a warrior? Somebody who volunteers to fight for their country, whether the cause is right or wrong, and are willing to risk mutilation and death while in a foreign land. Brave is the warrior who knows that if injured, there is a good chance he will face years of pain and rehabilitation, and very little financial support from their government.

So every time I hear some professional athlete talk about their bravery, battle toughness, heroism, or injuries, all I can think is ” Shut up and enjoy your child’s game that makes you a fortune.”

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