S. A. Whites Fight For Survival


(Note: This is a partial re-post of White Genocide of South Africa (linked below).

The battle-lines are being drawn in South Africa.

With 1 million Afrikaners now totally destitute and homeless, only because of the ANC regime’s deliberate barring this small minority access to any part of the job-sector and disowning their food-producing farms by a plethora of ANTI-white laws, the Afrikaners, the ‘White tribe of Africa’, are now battening down the hatches and preparing themselves for what they see as the final onslaught against their very survival rights on the African continent. They now have to fight back – there’s no longer any other choice: their backs are against the sea — and most Afrikaners, born and bred in southern Africa for many generations, have no other place to flee to, they say.

Job Discrimination and Denied Welfare Benefits Lead to Homeless Squatter Camps

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