Tis The Season

As most folks who visit here know, I am a God believing guy. So I know the true meaning of the season. But there is another reason I love the season: Vacation….three flipping weeks of Hillbilly shenanigans. When you add beer, and video games to a guy who had only overdrive and no filter, it is three weeks of raging silliness!

It also marks the half way point of my work year. 91 more work days until the Summer of Hillbilly. Yeah, I stole the line from a Seinfeld episode. I have built my entire life around free time. I have never held a 40 hour, 12 month job in my life….and my financial portfolio proves it. Not that I have one mind you. If Keystone cans were stocks, I would own a million shares. If Golden Tee video golf (google it) was a savings account, I would have a few grand.

I realized early, that the more free time a person has, the longer they live, and the happier they seem. Notice, I make no reference to money. I also realize the stuff I like to do is pretty cheap. I figure God keeps me poor to ensure I don’t get into really big messes. You can’t take material crap to Heaven, but you can take your memories…and hopefully my really bad stories:)

Merry CHRISTmas

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