A Whole Lot Of Nothing

As my title states, I really don’t have much to say. Dogs are healthy, beer is cold, and golf season starts in two weeks. I am not an elected politician in D.C., so I can’t do much about all the crap that is flowing from that cesspool, so why worry about it?

Life ain’t too short, it is too much fun to continue to sweat the stuff I can’t change. Figure God is the driver of this bus, and I am just happy to be in the back seat with no greasy fat guy with stinky flatulence!

Obama Brings The Soviet Union Back To Life In America

Full Court Shot « Good Day Sacramento

This is from the high school where I work. I was working this game. It is so much fun to see one of our students get some pub!!!!

Army Intel Analyst caught in OH with 48 Bombs in Car


January 23, 2014. Butlerville, IN. Three weeks ago, the employee of a National Guard mercenary training school in Indiana was pulled over in Ohio. Found in his possession were a loaded AR-15, improvised explosive devices (IED), half-built bombs, raw explosives, and 58 bomb detonators. But rather than tout the fact that a massive terrorist act on US soil was foiled, authorities and the media are sweeping it under the rug. Why?…… read more here>>> http://www.whiteoutpress.com/articles/2014/q1/army-intel-analyst-caught-in-oh-with-48-bombs-in-car/

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California schools to begin monitoring for Fukushima radiation ‘arriving this year’ – A Sheep No More

California schools to begin monitoring for Fukushima radiation 'arriving this year' – A Sheep No More.

40 Years And Growing: March For Life

Legalized infanticide has really hurt the black population. If Al Sharpie should be outraged that “his peeps” have been one of the main targets of Planned Parenthood(just read thew words of Maggie Sanger). How many millions of black babies have been murdered in the womb? never having the chance to be born and reach their potential that God gave them. Doctors, lawyers, scientist, husbands, mothers, pastors…the list is endless of what might have been. your thoughts here… (optional)

Why Did These Quotes From King’s Speeches Get Lost

Bubba J Wednesday

Jeff Dunham is coming to a theatre near me soon..so I am defiantly going. Here is a Bubba J classic….enjoy

IRISH People Being Dismantled

Went To A Garden Party

Well, no I did not, but I did go see Mathew and Gunner; Ricky Nelson’s boys this past weekend. They have a tribute show, and it is amazing. It is just more than them singing their pop’s tunes. They give some really good insight to who Rick Nelson was as a man. They did not speak of his drug use, but they did talk at length about some of the folks who came by their house as they were growing up. George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Cass Elliot, and a few others that I am forgetting. So I can see where the drug issues may have crept in. But there is no doubt that he was a very good father.

The Nelson boys are amazing. 10 million records sold on their own. They played this past Saturday in Modesto CA. Just the two of them and their guitars. Talent runs in this family. Little known fact: Ricky and Elvis were really good friends. One day Elvis challenged Ricky and his friends to a football game. Ricky shows up with his old high school buddies, and The King shows up with his Memphis Mafia. The Elvis team beat the crap out of them. Later, Ricky returns the favor and challenges Elvis to another game. The Memphis Mafia arrived first. Soon after, a bus pulls up to the field; The starting line up from the L.A. Rams pile off of the bus. Bad day for Elvis and his boys!

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