Two More Knock Out Attacks In New York – Victims: White Male 23, White Female 36, All Attackers Young Black Males

Busy Busy Busy

How time slips away when a person is enjoying what they do! Golf season is the greatest. I have a full 6 player team this season, and two of the new team members have never played the game, but are already addicted to it. This is why I coach. I know that they now have an activity the can participate in for a life time. There is no telling where this addiction may lead them. If my coach my freshman year would have said I would be coaching a varsity high school team someday I would have responded with a “Huh?”

The stories, memories, friends, and connection I have made, and still am making, are a blessing. I owe it all to my father who pushed me to join the team as a freshman because I would get free golf. And to a junior high school P.E. coach who took two of us to a par three course as a prize for winning a wiffle golf game.

God always has a plan for us, I am just glad mine includes 18 holes…..and beer 🙂

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