What To Do With Leftover Peeps

Easter Vacation Week……Not Much Blogging But A Whole Lot Of Goofing Off

I have been really busy this week getting stuff done that should have been done months ago, but lolly gagging is an art form, and I am the Hill Billy Rembrandt. Got my truck parts in, cleaned a spare room that looked as though a nuclear clothes bomb went off, and got new grip put on my car. Grip is NASCAR slang for tires.

What I have not done much of is post here. Now if beer were post, I would have had bout a hundred by this past Wednesday. So here is a post, as usual, nothing ground breaking or gut busting, just some simple words that give me the satisfaction, though falsely, that I have total control over my Lolly Gagging Syndrome ! Also known as LGS, also known as The HillBilly’s Disease.

Conservative Blogosphere Explodes Over “Christian” Obama Well Wishes At Easter

Mortgaged Backed Securities And Oil Futures

Start connecting the dots, and it makes sense why we have so much domestic crude, and continued high gas prices!

The next time you drive to the gas station, only to find prices are still sky high compared to just a few years ago, take notice of the rows of foreclosed houses you’ll pass along the way. They may seem like two parts of a spell of economic bad luck, but high gas prices and home foreclosures are actually very much interrelated. Before most people were even aware there was an economic crisis, investment managers abandoned failing mortgage-backed securities and looked for other lucrative investments. What they settled on was oil futures.

An oil future is simply a contract between a buyer and seller
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“How does oil speculation raise gas prices?” 16 October 2008. HowStuffWorks.com. 11 April 2014.

Love Johnny Paycheck

If you are a P.C. type, then stay away from one of my favorite country dudes!

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