Easter Vacation Week……Not Much Blogging But A Whole Lot Of Goofing Off

I have been really busy this week getting stuff done that should have been done months ago, but lolly gagging is an art form, and I am the Hill Billy Rembrandt. Got my truck parts in, cleaned a spare room that looked as though a nuclear clothes bomb went off, and got new grip put on my car. Grip is NASCAR slang for tires.

What I have not done much of is post here. Now if beer were post, I would have had bout a hundred by this past Wednesday. So here is a post, as usual, nothing ground breaking or gut busting, just some simple words that give me the satisfaction, though falsely, that I have total control over my Lolly Gagging Syndrome ! Also known as LGS, also known as The HillBilly’s Disease.


Hand me a beer and tell me what you think

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