Multiculturalism – A Dividing Force


Part 1

Note: This essay was first posted here on January 18th, but we felt it was important enough to re-post it with added links to help readers “connect the dots” to world events that sometimes appear unfathomable.

By Louis Beam

ALLmulticultural nations will be found to be in a state of political, moral, economic and social decay. Greed and corruption will characterize the government, coupled with oppressive measures directed against [its’ own] citizens. Lies and deceit will be stock and trade of media, politicians, and educational institutions. Such are the leaders of sheep of a multiculturalist advent.

In modern times, multiculturalism [code formulti-racialism] is instituted from the top down as an elitist ruling class toolused to play one or more racial or ethnic groups against another. The ensuing cultural melee serves the political designs, economic goals and power needs of…

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  1. Carl D'Agostino
    May 31, 2014 @ 17:55:38

    I would not agree that it is the diabolical scheme described. But is is part of this stupid effort to be PC at every level. I really don’t give a rat about someone else’s culture be do appreciate their right to celebrate it in America. But what we are supposed to be doing in the schools is uniting the country stressing our common denominators. We had to teach multiculturalism in history classes in Miami(one of 27 subjects which take up all the time from which to teach the history and wonder why they can’t pass the subject area test). The joke is that this place is 80% minority and 53% foreign born.


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