Fresh Post

I have to admit, every summer I tend to neglect my blog. It is not that I lack time or energy, but rather focus. Having over 70 days off from my job allows me to pretend I am retired. So three day a week I am bowling mornings with the senior citizen crowd. Where at 49 years of age I am considered a youngster. There are still plenty of bowlers in my Friday league that carry averages over 230. Then I have fishing, the gym, and tinkering with the old Ford. Mix in bbqs and happy hours, and I am wondering why are there only 24 hours in a day?

So as I am banging away on this pad, I see I must be at the bowling alley fairly soon. So this Fresh Post needs to be wrapped and refrigerated only to be opened and finished off like a piece of pizza and a tall glass of ice cold milk for breakfast. Yes milk, I don’t always drink beer for every meal;)

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