Hillbilly’s Rants And Raves For August

Ok, once again my bucket is full of slop and needs to be dumped. Here I go and believe me, there is no rhyme nor reason to this tirade!


Ferguson MO, 90% whitey cops 70%blackey residents……Who gives a pig’s curley tail….bad behavior is color blind or should be.

The New Black Panthers stirring up racial pig poop? Sounds like the old Black Panthers. Thank God for the second amendment.

How does burning down your hood bring about justice? Brings more problems if you ask me.

Robin Williams passes away and Brother Obama responds faster than my angry bowel after a three dollar burrito from a taco truck. A marine is rotting in a Mexican jail and the same Brother Obama dances, drinks, and hugs Hillary?

Young race car driver runs onto the race track and gets hit…..Finis!

Politicians and their financial supporters making bank off of the illegal alien tidal wave. Benny Arnold looks like a war hero compared to these slugs.

Remember when we had a 70 year old prez who could physically kick the Russians’ prez ass? Now we have a prez who can’t kick his own ass.

It is official: Obama got all his mamma’s genes. Can’t dance, not athletic…at least he did not abandon his kids like his father and his mom did.

We are producing more of our own natural resources than ever, and prices are still high. And BP is one of the biggest US oil companies. Guess we really did lose back in 1775!

There is a new craze hitting motel/hotel pools. It is called “Logging.” I think Baby Ruth is sponsoring this.

Where did all the classy female movie stars like Lauren Becall go? Never saw here puking in the gutter with her pants around her ankles.

Tiger Wood pulls out of Ryder Cup consideration. If he would have pulled out years ago, he would still be married.

Why does ESPN allow Keith Obermann to have a show were he clearly is allowed to speak his political views? Charlie Daniels, and Hank jr. got canned for doing the same, but on their dime and a different network. Here Keith also has a problem with treating the ladies like human beings. Won’t here much about this now will we?

Knock your babe out get and the NFL puts you on the shelf for two weeks. Ingest a few pills, or puffs of the hippie lettuce and you are done for a minimum of 4 weeks. Think the players are better off hitting the broads than hitting the town!

OK, beer thirty…this Hill Billy needs to rehydrate my liver. 🙂




Why the United States is giving away ownership of our Energy and Refineries

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Yesterday my post was U.S. giving away ownership and control of our Energy and refineriesPaladin, who writes a great blog commented on the post, and it is worthy of a read. Pay him a visit if you haven’t done so. His response gives a succinct explanation of how we came to where we are. Where we are headed. Here we go:

The left’s grand idea to prevent WW III was to intertwine all of the key player’s economies so that could never happen because everybody would go broke. There are several outcomes from such a strategy, the first is that if one economy fails to thrive, all connected economies take a hit. This is why it is said that if the American economy has a cold, the rest of the world gets the flu. The flawed premise was that America’s economy would always be preeminent.

The second effect is…

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[Video] Andrew Klavan: Thanks, Christian White Men!

Ratsy, I have been speaking out for years about this mess. One of my favorite things to do is tune up progressives who are perched on a barstool next to me when they are cackling about who built this nation. I just ask who were the folks who put pen to paper? Why was it not until the 1700’s that this great experiment was put into place? No other people or nation ever attempted this Divinely inspired concept. Dang white Christian dudes~

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