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Sixty to seventy years ago we had a better pandemic control system in place than we do now. The difference between then and now is several trillion dollars spent by a very liberal government on drugs and systems that only serve to line the pockets of their political friends. I have personal experience with the system of sixty years ago. At the time polio was the scourge that swept the country. There was no cure, there was no vaccine, and the virus spread like wildfire. The government did have some guidance for places to avoid, like crowds, public beaches, and people with the disease. In spite of offering that wisdom, people still go the disease. I was one of them. Polio was not new when I got it. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of our most popular presidents got polio in the thirties. The government did have time to react in…

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Too Much Crap In The World……Need More Laughs!

I am at the end of my chain when it comes to problems in this world. Between America being given the gift of Ebola for the first time, a government that is run by hard to identify nefarious characters, and a former party buddy who is running for congress as an ultra progressive…….I am done. I am benching myself from politics for awhile. Throwing in my towel, pulling the rip cord, exit stage right, fat broads singing, septic tank full, taking a powder, diaper loaded, …ok, you get the picture.

I am going Retro-Comic-Hillbilly. No, I am not going on a stand up tour, though I have been told I should. If a barstool was a stage, and my audience a bar, I would Sudsy Sultan of Comedy! So here is one of my all time favorites skits.

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