Too Much Crap In The World……Need More Laughs!

I am at the end of my chain when it comes to problems in this world. Between America being given the gift of Ebola for the first time, a government that is run by hard to identify nefarious characters, and a former party buddy who is running for congress as an ultra progressive…….I am done. I am benching myself from politics for awhile. Throwing in my towel, pulling the rip cord, exit stage right, fat broads singing, septic tank full, taking a powder, diaper loaded, …ok, you get the picture.

I am going Retro-Comic-Hillbilly. No, I am not going on a stand up tour, though I have been told I should. If a barstool was a stage, and my audience a bar, I would Sudsy Sultan of Comedy! So here is one of my all time favorites skits.

Hand me a beer and tell me what you think

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