Indicted Serb War Criminal Dragan Vasiljkovic Loses Final Battle Against Extradition To Croatia

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Dragan Vasiljkovic aka Captain Dragan aka Daniel Snedden Photo: News Ltd Dragan Vasiljkovic
aka Captain Dragan
aka Daniel Snedden
Photo: News Ltd

Dragan Vasiljkovic, a Serb with Australian citizenship known as Captain Dragan during his reported murderous rampages in Croatia as part of Serb aggressing in the early 1990’s, and also known by his adopted name in Australia as Daniel Snedden, has spent the last eight years in Australian prisons as he fought legal battles against extradition to Croatia to answer to charges for war crimes against him. On Friday 12 December he lost his final battle not to be extradited to Croatia. The Australian Federal court had rejected his appeal.

Vasiljkovic is wanted in Croatia for war crimes he allegedly committed in the 1990s while serving as a paramilitary commander during the war of the said period.
His latest appeal against his extradition order centred on the legal delays in his case, issues relating to the Geneva Conventions, and…

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