Starting My Year Off Right

I recently posted on my local paper’s site about how California’s public schools are making it harder to suspend minority students. This has several components that upset the average ignorant voter/ citizen. Illegal aliens have driven up the cost to the taxpayer because sadly, public schools must provide them a free education. I referred to their offspring as spawns. Next thing you know people are trying to track down where I work so they can attempt to have me fired. Or I am called racist and a coward. Love these, because I can easily disprove both. Another component is the fact that public employee unions love the no suspending rule. Creates more jobs. Lastly, it panders to the crowd that believes blacks are some how being intentionally target for suspensions and expulsions due simply to skin color.

Sadly, the students who behave, follow the rules, and work hard, will be adversely affected.

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