I have been really slacking when it comes to posting original material. So, to get back into the swing of these, yes, I am using golf terminology because it is my golfing season, I am going to my favorite genre: Ranting!

So here I go and I apologize in advance if you have no clue what I am saying.

Only in California is an egg worth more than a chicken. Only in America can we eradicate Measles and then blame an out break on citizens who have not been vaccinated. Only in D.C. can our chump Prez belittle Christians at a prayer breakfast, while sticking up for 8th century feral Moslem throwback humans who are lopping of the melons of Christians because they are Christians. Only in Hollyweird can actors spew about the evil of guns and violence, but make movies that are based entirely on guns and violence. Only in my district can my alleged conservative congressman push for amnesty for illegal aliens, and fight for the right of pet owners to bring mutts on trains. Only in America can it be considered cool for one race to wear sagging britches, and another race to do the same and be called a pervert.

Only if I could move to Idaho now!

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