This is cool!



just the power of touch to enchant the ingredients

now that spring has arrived we will begin to hunt and gather flowers leaf root twigs and other magickal ingredients to create dusting powders

all ingredients start out fresh then dried out in the summer sun ready to be powdered with your mortar and pestle

witch’s dusting powders have a variety of uses and a variety of ingredients to meet your goals

blow and sprinkle
scatter and twinkle
crumble and grind
witch’s dust will bind ♦


create an atmosphere of devotion and contentment

1oz cornstarch
1 brown eggshell
3 pinch of sugar
3 pinch of salt
dried lavender
dried thyme

ahead of time…clean the eggshell and let the eggshell dry out completely may take a few days

before you begin starting in the direction of north draw a circle with your index finger around the…

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