Gayification Of TV

I am really getting tired of viewing new tv shows, and then after a few episodes bam! A gay story line is dumped in. The Strain, Gotham, The XFiles, and Mr. Robot to name a few. This adds nothing to the story lines of these shows other than appeasing  the Gay Nazis.

Sure miss the days when a person could enjoy a tv show without out a social agenda. But a small vocal minority of people who are in control of a majority of media and entertainment are hell bent on forcing their belief systems on Americans via the big screen and the boob toob!


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  1. List of X
    Feb 21, 2016 @ 19:11:43

    You should watch Once Upon A Time then. First four seasons and the beginning of the fifth one (all that I’ve watched so far) and no gay characters or storylines. (I know because I had a bet with my wife that there wouldn’t be any gay storylines in season 4 either).
    Of course, it’s basically a fairy tale series, so it doesn’t have to be realistic.


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