Happy New Year’s To Most

Over the last three years I have experienced the best folks and a select few whom are pieces of crap. Happy 2019 to the best: the rest can kiss my ass😀

Facebook Supports Police Officer’s Murderer/Illegal Alien

I posted to FB yesterday my thoughts about the subhuman illegal alien who snuffed out the life of a great man, husband, father, and LEGAL IMMIGRANT. I received a three day ban because I used the word subhuman to refer to the illegal alien’ s crime. I live very close to the town he was murdered in. Tons of illegal aliens reside there. Whether they are good or bad, Cali embraces them. I also stated every law maker and politician who supports sanctuary status is an accomplice. I wear my ban with pride.

Rest in Peace My Tuff Guy BW



It’s Been A Long Rough Time

The Hillbilly is back. The struggles I have had over the past three years have been brutal. Framed by the Commie State of Cali for worker’s compensation fraud, losing my teaching credential, wife taking a hike, and my BW doggie getting hit and killed. I still remain positive: got God, dogs, beers, and country music. Prez Trump is smashing the swamp rats, and I am now a scratch bowler. I am implementing a three year plan to get out of Cali and into a more friendly Red State. I will be writing more in 2019. Nowhere to go but up!

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