The Passing Of My Best Friend Dude


I can’t believe my buddy of nine years is gone. seems just like yesterday I was driving to meet him for the first time where he was given up for adoption. The first time I saw Dude, he was a year and a half young, red furred, hundred and thirty-five pounds of pure sweetness. The man who owned the kennel had his five-year old daughter scratching his ears. As I walked up to meet them all, the little girl said,”Dude is the nicest dog ever, just look at the top of his nose. It looks like a heart. God put it there so everyone would know how good Dude is.” Man, that was an understatement.

After spending an hour walking him, and getting to know him, Kennel owner guy said “Sign the papers, there is no doubt, that Dude is adopting YOU!” SO the next thing I know, I am…

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Been Awhile

Escaped Krapafonistan last year then life got in the way and now back in Nescum’s hell hole. Not taking the jab or wearing masks. Healthy as all get out! More to come from the Hillbilly in the coming weeks!

The Hillbilly Escaped Krapaforniastan

It took 8 years and a lot of effort but I know live in America once again…Idaho to be exact. What a difference a state makes.

Conservatives and 2nd Amendment supporters are the majority. No gangs, bums, or tweekers. Not being forced to wear a face diaper due to a Scamdemic. We are free to enter establishments sans mask. We bowl, golf, and fish. There are no lines at the DMV. People wave and say hello. Elected officials are held accountable for their actions. Best thing I ever did was leaving Newscum’s Hell Hole!

Back To Being Me

After working another late night shift, I am hanging with my pups, having a few beers and listening to some Ray Price. So glad the ex took a hike. When yoh think you know a person but find out after 9 years you were suckered. Never thought this would have happened to me! Live learn drink beers!!!

Happy New Year’s To Most

Over the last three years I have experienced the best folks and a select few whom are pieces of crap. Happy 2019 to the best: the rest can kiss my ass😀

Facebook Supports Police Officer’s Murderer/Illegal Alien

I posted to FB yesterday my thoughts about the subhuman illegal alien who snuffed out the life of a great man, husband, father, and LEGAL IMMIGRANT. I received a three day ban because I used the word subhuman to refer to the illegal alien’ s crime. I live very close to the town he was murdered in. Tons of illegal aliens reside there. Whether they are good or bad, Cali embraces them. I also stated every law maker and politician who supports sanctuary status is an accomplice. I wear my ban with pride.

Rest in Peace My Tuff Guy BW



It’s Been A Long Rough Time

The Hillbilly is back. The struggles I have had over the past three years have been brutal. Framed by the Commie State of Cali for worker’s compensation fraud, losing my teaching credential, wife taking a hike, and my BW doggie getting hit and killed. I still remain positive: got God, dogs, beers, and country music. Prez Trump is smashing the swamp rats, and I am now a scratch bowler. I am implementing a three year plan to get out of Cali and into a more friendly Red State. I will be writing more in 2019. Nowhere to go but up!

London Mayor Is A Moslem

Watched the mayor of London downplay the fact that his fellow moslems are killing innocent people. He some how believes people like President Trump are more of a threat than his fellow 8th century goat humping buddies. I hope the good folks of England find away to de-islam their country.

Its Been A Long Time

What a difference a year can make in one’s life. I have missed my blog and many of my blogging friends. I miss having the daily motivation to write. I did not lose my joy of writing, but had it temporarily taken. I was crushed by the power of a miniscule petty worker’s comp drone who dislikes truth. I now know that some people have enormous ability to change a person’s life direction. I never conceived the notion that a desk jockey has the evil skills and dark abilities to hang four felony counts on an innocent person. I once believed that an innocent person should never plea guilty to crimes not committed. I proudly admit I was wrong.

In the coming days and weeks to come I will go into depth about my situation. For now, I will focus on many of the positive things in my life. Especially the fact that Mr.Trump is my president, my beers are never ending and always cold, and my dogs are my favorite drinking buddies!

God bless and dang sure is nice to be back!

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