Most Hypocritical Statement Ever From Obama

While responding to the feral humans, I mean rioters and looters in Ferguson, Obama basically says  we are a nation of laws. really Barry? You are the same guy who is attempting to give legal status to more than 11 million illegal alien criminals.

‘First and foremost, we are a nation built on the rule of law, and so we need to accept that this decision was the grand jury’s to make,’ Obama said.

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The NBA: A Sterling League

Some thoughts on the latest attack on freedom of speech and expression of thoughts. The NBA owners are a bunch of really rich folks. Every player in the league is a millionaire. One race if player makes up roughly %75 of the league. Players do not work a full year. Most all players retire before the age of forty. So why no rage or anger, or government take over?

The NBA has what many class envy folks like to call “1%’ers. Affirmative Action has not helped non blacks obtain employment.

So why did people go after baseball a few years back due to declining numbers of black players?

Rap music and rappers are a big part of the NBA culture. Howe many rappers have made a fortune off of dropping the word “nigger”, calling women bitches hoes, sluts, ect? Glorifying gangs, murder, and hate against whites?

There is a movie called “White Men Can’t Jump”. Fine, I got a one “Black Guys Can’t Swim”,

So an 80-year-old white rich dude runs his mouth, in his home, and loses his team? Why even have a constitution any more? He made no threats of violence. No threat to financially harm anyone, and yet, because he is white, he is not allowed to be a bigot or a racist? Only non whites are allowed to have such views with out reprisals. Heck, the Knock Out Game, were black thugs go around sucker punching whites is not called a hate crime. Go figure.

As always, my bottom line is God made all of us.He made us different for a reason. Guess the world would be a pretty boring place if we all looked the same!

Wal-mart Has It All: Tires, Table Cloths, And Tricks

Geez, disgusting and hilarious all at once. Dude giving hummers at the store. How the heck did he ring this up after going down? 🙂 Homeboy should change his name to “Falitio” Bills!

Foster Bills, 22, was arrested after Wal-Mart managers contacted state troopers to report that they had received “an anonymous complaint of a male subject performing sexual acts in a secluded location” in the Queensbury store.

The “secluded location” was apparently a Wal-Mart bathroom, and johns were solicited through Craigslist “casual encounters” ads

What You Are Not Hearing From The Media About The L.A. Killer: LAPD Fired Dorner…And He Was Black

With P.C. and Affirmative Action forcing law enforcement agencies to hire, and usually not fire minorities, the LAPD gave Chris Dorner the boot. If the is guy was white, and thought to be Christian, race would be a huge issue. Not here though. The same policies that helped get him hired, are not being mentioned anywhere. Did this guy slide by the psychological testing because of Affirmative Action? Fair question if you ask me.

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