Here I Go

I will be on the road from Central Cali to south eastern Idaho. Glad it is 2016 and not 1816!Idaho will not be looking like this right now!IMG_0698

The Happy Hour Hillbilly View

My favorite beer perch at a watering hole. Marcella’s! Another round!FB_IMG_1445735399503

Hoping This Is The Place!

Making the 12 hour drive to check out this place. Just a bit outside of Idaho Falls. Midget lawn service not included!


Merry Christmas From The Hillbilly and Bill Willy


This is me and one of my mutts Bill Willy.
God Bless

A Quick Howdy

Just popping my head out of the bunker for a few minutes to let everyone know I am fine and have not been rounded up and placed in a FEMA camp. Offer is in on a new compound in Idaho.

So Merry Christmas and may God Bless you.




Brown is an idiot

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