Gayification Of TV

I am really getting tired of viewing new tv shows, and then after a few episodes bam! A gay story line is dumped in. The Strain, Gotham, The XFiles, and Mr. Robot to name a few. This adds nothing to the story lines of these shows other than appeasing  the Gay Nazis.

Sure miss the days when a person could enjoy a tv show without out a social agenda. But a small vocal minority of people who are in control of a majority of media and entertainment are hell bent on forcing their belief systems on Americans via the big screen and the boob toob!

Super Slacker

I have really slacked on posting to my once heavily viewed blog. Many different reasons: Ran out of energy ranting and raving about politicians, goverments, foreign and local dumbasses and some other topics I am forgetting!

I have switched jobs, given two weeks notice on new job, and traveled to Idaho just to say no to a crappy real estate deal. So I have not really been in a blogging state of mind. But this is about to change.

Since I submitted my resignation this past Friday, I feel much more at ease. I have been doing what I do for a meager living for over fifteen years. I know that I am top shelf at what I do. I have been told many times by folks who know that I am The Man when it comes to my professsion. So figured when I was hired at my current work site, I would once again be The Man. Nope, nada, no way no how….according to my current boss. I have been called unprofessional for following the state laws regulating what I do. Suffered through my first negative job review….ever. All because I refuse to treat people differently based on skin color. Yup, this far right of center Hill Billy Trump supporting, Confederate States of America suporting, Abe Lincoln disliking guy believes if one breaks the rules, they need to pay the consequence. PERIOD.

Black, white, yellow, red, purple, ect. I don’t see race or ethnicity. I see people who follow rules or who don’t. I am considered a dinosaur in the eyes of my boss because I refuse to pander to groups who refuse to take responsibility for their actions. If I am a dinosaur, I don’t want to be a T Rex, arms are too short to swing a golf club properly!



Here I Go

I will be on the road from Central Cali to south eastern Idaho. Glad it is 2016 and not 1816!Idaho will not be looking like this right now!IMG_0698

The Happy Hour Hillbilly View

My favorite beer perch at a watering hole. Marcella’s! Another round!FB_IMG_1445735399503

Hoping This Is The Place!

Making the 12 hour drive to check out this place. Just a bit outside of Idaho Falls. Midget lawn service not included!


Merry Christmas From The Hillbilly and Bill Willy


This is me and one of my mutts Bill Willy.
God Bless

A Quick Howdy

Just popping my head out of the bunker for a few minutes to let everyone know I am fine and have not been rounded up and placed in a FEMA camp. Offer is in on a new compound in Idaho.

So Merry Christmas and may God Bless you.



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