Emmett Idaho: Future Hombase For The Hillbilly



A Dog’s Tail


Summer Vacation No Time To Blog!

Yup, I only have 75 days before I return to the salt mine. So not much in the way of deep critical anaylsis posting here anytime soon.  That being said, this is a jalapeño stuffed with a habanero and garlic butter. 


In The Belly Of The Beast

I was at the Capitol building in Sacramento yesterday and attended a meeting involving state funded mental health care. What a farce! One politician was bragging about the 1 billion plus dollars that he helped steal. He went on to state he wants to start educating 1st graders about suicide and other mental health issues.

Another speaker spewing big government/Nanny state programs. These groups focus on K-12 students. Training them to believe that government is the answer to all of life’s problems.

 This Hillbilly crashed the stage!

Me taking over at the California Governor's House!

Me taking over at the California Governor’s House!


EP Friday

More Mutts


Words Of Jefferson Davis 1881


Because it was all smoke and mirrors in order to obliterate the best government ever conceived by mankind…

“The war-cry employed to train the Northern mind for the
deeds contemplated by the agitators was “No extension of
slavery ! ” Was this sentiment real or feigned ? The number
of slaves (as has already been clearly shown) would not have
been increased by their transportation to new territory. It
could not be augmented by further importation, for the law of
the land made that piracy. Southern men were the leading authors
of that enactment…
It may, therefore, be reasonably concluded that the ” war-cry ” was employed by the artful to inflame the minds of the less informed
and less discerning…”
Volume I
Jefferson Davis
Photo-Federal troops invading someone’s home in Atlanta. Yeah, so much for that pesky 3rd amendment thingy…oh but wait! That’s right the Constitution was being murdered, so….

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