“About” How Scary Is This

I somehow ended up on “about” dot com. And the page was all about the process of getting your hands on Bamster’s “stimulus” package Yuk, pretty disgusting wording! Read theses words and I dare you not be scared. “Touching every American’s lives in someway?!

Obama’s Economic Stimulus Plan
The 2009 economic stimulus bill – The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – represents the largest single government spending bill in our nation’s history. The bill’s $787 billion in spending and tax cuts is intended to stimulate the economy by getting Americans working and spending again. Virtually every family or individual in America will be touched in some way by this massive stimulus bill.

Chairman Priebus: “Will Obama Apologize to Women for His Failures?”

Chairman Priebus: “Will Obama Apologize to Women for His Failures?”

Excerpts from Townhall

By: Reince Priebus

April 27, 2012

“Today, President Obama will speak at a Women’s Issues Conference organized by his campaign in Washington, DC. Hopefully he will take the time to apologize to the women in attendance.

“Despite Democrats’ talk of standing for women, the Obama economy has been especially unforgiving for women across the country.

“Recently, RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day summed it up nicely:

“‘At kitchen tables and in the job market, it’s clear that women are suffering. Gas, groceries, and healthcare are more expensive. Wives and mothers struggle to make ends meet and fear for their children’s futures. Businesswomen wonder what regulations and taxes Obama will force on them next’…

“Try as he might, President Obama cannot hide the facts.

“There are fewer women working today than when President Obama took office.

* Since his inauguration, the unemployment rate for women has increased from 7 percent to 8.1 percent.
* The number of female employees has decreased by 683,000.

“The job market is so bad, women are giving up looking for jobs altogether.

* The female labor force participation rate fell in March from 57.9 percent to 57.7 percent.
* The number of women not in the labor force increased in March from 52.8 million to 53.1 million.
* While male participation increased by 14,000, female participation fell by 177,000…

“Republicans are committed to delivering that better America. The Democrats’ agenda isn’t working for women. Their vision has produced big government and limited opportunity. Our vision is for limited government and opportunity for all…”

“Women deserve better than what President Obama has delivered. And they certainly deserve a president that is honest with them about the challenges they face.”

Click Here To Read The Full Op-Ed: http://bit.ly/JrcZDi

Ted Nugent Rocks: Just Not At Fort Knox

So Ted gets the boot for making a comment about his views on Barack re-election chances, and the Army whacks him from a concert line up. How dare he speak about The One! Thing is, the Army brass is just peaches and cream when it comes to muslim infecting our troops with their ant-American filth. So how much of the top military command is liberal pukes? Well, let’s start at the top!



Nugent said during an NRA convention last weekend that if the Obama is re-elected in November, “I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” His remarks prompted a visit from the Secret Service on Thursday, with a spokesman for the agency saying after the interview that “the issue has been resolved” and no further action is anticipated.


ICE Providing Dental Care For Illegal Aliens

Awe, does this not make you feel warm and fuzzy all over? Our tax dollars going to fix the grills and chicklets of criminals? Illegal immigrants, along with the professionally unemployed have busted America’s hospitals and medical care facilities. Illegal immigration has not helped America, or Americans, unless you are a politician, or a immoral business owner. So let’s all give a big, one finger salute to the best Dead Kennedy; Teddy, for getting this downward spiral stared. If possible, I hope somebody can drop a duece on his head stone; it is what Teddy did to America back in 65.
BTW: Detainees = Illegal Alien Criminals

Continue reading on Examiner.com Deportable illegal aliens now getting free dental care – National Immigration Reform | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/article/deportable-illegal-aliens-now-getting-fr…

Last week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued a press release detailing the how the agency now “provides quality medical care to detainees.”

According to the release, more than 900 Public Health Service-commissioned officers, civil servants and privately contracted staff now make up the ICE Health Service Corps (IHSC) in order “to serve as the medical authority for ICE on a wide range of medical issues, including the agency’s comprehensive detainee health care program.”

The Their Fair Share Myth

That is right, there is no such thing as fair share for us tax payers. The constitution made it clear that the feds should provide for national security, and should leave about everything else to the states. That went out the door with the win by the Northern aggressors over the Confederate States of America.

So we now have an all intrusive Uncle Nanny Sam who is in the loan, health, and retirement business. So almost all of the have-nots have realized they can receive/steal freebies from the haves; better known as the working folks.

So these mooches, who like to rant and rave about fair share, and ask to be called stupid for wanting to take the fruits of other men’s labors, consider your self stupid.
So these mooches, who like to rant and rave about fair share, ask to be called stupid for wanting to take the fruits of other men’s labors, consider your self stupid. If folks find themselves out of work, then they need to look at themselves,and their families for help, not other people’s wallets. We are not guaranteed success in this life, and everyone should never expect to be given anything from the government. Sadly, spoiled little children, when things don’t go their way, even when it is due to their incompetence, they want a bailout.

Drinking On Work Time And Tax Payers’ Dimes!

Only in federal government jobs can an employee get paid to plan parties,drink,sit in hot tubs and in expensive Vegas hotel rooms, and not get fired! Drinking on work time and tax payers’ dimes!


You can read the full report here by the Office of the Inspector General.

The conference cost us $823,000. That’s pennies when put in context of the federal budget, but it’s the waste, fraud and abuse that is infuriating. For example:

–Conference planners spent $130,000 on two “scouting trips” to Vegas and five off-site planning meetings where government employees wined and dined themselves.

–The GSA spent nearly $150,000 on catering for the conference, including $5,500 for three semi-private in-room parties and $31,000—or $95 per person—on a closing reception.

–In one team-building exercise, attendees put together 24 bicycles at a cost $75,000.

–Thousands were spent on commemorative coins and a mind reader was paid $3,200 to provide entertainment.

–When the projected room costs went over budget, GSA shifted costs to the food and beverage side.

–Emails show that GSA official Jeff Neely organized a private party during the conference and had his wife, who does not work for GSA, invite personal friends, on the taxpayer’s dime. Wrote Neely, “I know. I’m bad. But as Deb (his wife) and I often say, why not enjoy it while we have it and while we can. Ain’t going to last forever.”

Bammy Giving Putin A Gift

I am sure many folks have not heard much about this little gem. Yup, Bamster just can’t stand the thought of bringing down the domestic energy cost. His hatred for an energy independent,self-reliant nation must run so deep, that he gives our resources to our enemies.
If Bammy was as smart as some folks believe him to be, which I have not believed, he would do a couple of simple things to keep his dumb-ass in office: Force all domestic fossil fuels harvested here in the states, t stay in the states. Allow only US owned companies access to any phases of its production. Only allow product to be sold on the open market when domestic prices average $1.50 a gallon. Then only to countries that are our allies. Stop all subsides to any oil companies that have any foreign ownership. Lastly, drop all federal taxes on all fuels.
Will this ever happen? Not until every day citizens force the issue: either through the ballot box, or through the barrel of a rifle.

By Joe Miller

Part of Obama’s apparent war against U.S. energy independence includes a foreign-aid program that directly threatens my state’s sovereign territory. Obama’s State Department is giving away seven strategic, resource-laden Alaskan islands to the Russians. Yes, to the Putin regime in the Kremlin.

The seven endangered islands in the Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea include one the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. The Russians are also to get the tens of thousands of square miles of oil-rich seabeds surrounding the islands. The Department of Interior estimates billions of barrels of oil are at stake

One Good Reason Not To Pick Mitt Romney

This is a no-brainer. Jeb Bush endorses Mitt. Well, Jeb Bush ain’t conservative, his daddy ain’t conservative, and his grandpappy ain’t conservative. Well, Jeb is a country club RHINO, his daddy is a country club RHINO, and his grand pappy is a country club RHINO. So why in the world is it so important to get his slap on the back? I see the Huffo Post reported it, and that is a major clue for ya.

It won’t be Mitt vs. Twit in 2012. It will be Bush jr vs. Twit 08 redux! Barry has no chance if he runs on his record. He has a great chance if he runs,once again, against Bush. The TOTUS already has the info locked and loaded. Barry knows that he has a base of voters that are mooches and statist. He only needs to fool/guilt the white, self loathing crowd one more time. And Lord knows that ain’t hard to do.

It is sad that Mitt does not do more to distance himself from the GOP in crowd. He is a great family, and business man, and he lives his faith.


Operation Mockingbird

The former director of the CIA drowned shortly after making a comment about owning certain media folks. Take a listen to this stuff!!!!

Bammy Boy And Higher Fuel Prices

Here is the chum in chief himself! Is there a teleprompter near?

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