A ThreeYear Goal

Yup, I am going to buckle down for once in my adult, or should I say semi-adult life, and set a goal, even though redneck through and through. I want a full-blown live off the grid camper for my truck! And part of this goal, is that I also have to invest a few grand in the truck too. I am proud of the fact that my primary mode of transportation will be 40 years young in 2014. In this day and age where your mechanic has a doctorate in engineering, and there is so much plastic on vehicles, that you can’t park it in direct sunlight for more than an hour, my 1974 Ford is mostly metal, and has nearly 460,000 thousand miles, and is paid for.

So, back to my goal, which I have to keep writing down because of my self diagnosed ADHD ( beer is the med of choice) I dream of traveling during my summers off. I don’t care if it is 30 miles to my favorite catfish hole, or 700 hundred miles to my other favorite catfish hole on the Colorado River in Arizona. I wanna know that if the country crashes, I can live off of the grid. Or more truthfully, I wanna sit outside of my camper, butt parked in the green and white striped lawn chair, Conway Twitty blasting, feet up on the cooler, tall cold one in hand, and dogs scratchin fleas like there is no tomorrow, and I am not working! This is my Heaven until Big J returns the second time to Earth to set things straight.

I think I can do this. What is it again?, that’s right, I remember now. 🙂

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