Barry Can’t Handle The Heat…Especially From A Strong, Intelligent Woman

Barry the man-child does not take criticism very well, and to top it all, it is from Gov. Jan! Let’s see what happens when Arizona finishes with their own investigation into the gun running scandal.

MESA, Ariz. — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says President Barack Obama complained to her about how she depicted him in her book.

It happened when Obama landed in Air Force One Wednesday at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, where Brewer met him on the tarmac.

According to a White House official, Brewer handed Obama a letter and said she was inviting him to meet with her. Obama said he’d be glad to even though Brewer inaccurately described their last meeting in her book, “Scorpions for Breakfast.”

Why Did the Vatican Name It's New Addition to It's Arizona Telescope "Lucifer"? (via 333 Crucible: The Divine Imperative)

Why Did the Vatican Name It's New Addition to It's Arizona Telescope "Lucifer"? Copyright 2011-3011 By CK Hunter, All Rights Reserved. This particular news item is nearly one year old, but since it is such a stunner, I felt it needed to be re-posted here. I only found this for the first time about a week ago. File it under news items so bizarre you wish you had not seen them. I would love to hea … Read More

via 333 Crucible: The Divine Imperative

Arizona Continues To Support The Constitution

As of July 29, people, 21 years of age and older, can carry a concealed firearm; which is their constitutional right. Let’s hope one day all states will join with Arizona, Alaska, and Vermont, and allow citizens their God given right to protect themselves.

The law makes several changes to the permitting process and rules regulating concealed carry:

• It removes the requirement that individuals have a permit to carry a concealed weapon anywhere that open carry is allowed. Individuals will still need a permit to carry a concealed weapon in bars and restaurants and to qualify for reciprocal privileges when in states that require permits.

• The new law lets individuals obtain permits through means other than the eight-hour training course mandated under the previous law. These other means include any NRA firearms- or safety-training course and a hunter-education course administered by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

• It requires individuals to answer honestly if police ask if they are carrying a weapon. The law also allows police officers to take temporary custody of a weapon during stops.

• It stiffens penalties for individuals who commit crimes while carrying a concealed weapon.

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