Creating The Crisis

Kind of strange that both the Colorado and Wisconsin murders had claims of multiple shooters. And who opened the one way doors for the Colorado shooter?

This is just the tip of the turd. Wait til we get much closer to the election. Forces of evil are at work.

Susanne Posel
August 7, 2012

Domestic terrorism has come to light with the Sikh shooting. The US government is not only coming after the 2nd Amendment, but now framing US Army veterans in a false flag operation where extremists are the new threat.

Mainstream media (MSM) are pushing the gunman’s background as an Army veteran who “may have been a white supremacist” with a “9/11 tattoo”. US investigators are saying that the suspect shot by police, Wade Michael Page, was a psychological operations specialist from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Page was trained in parachute deployment and had a good conduct record while also receiving the National Defense Service Medal.

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