Two Face: The NFL

There is no doubt that there are many really nice, Christian, and non-Christian guys working in the NFL. That is right, it is work to these folks, and a game to the fans. I was sitting in the local Applebees’ a week or so back, and the guy sitting nearest to me comments how he hates “Tebow.” OK, I figured I would ask him why? If he was a Raider fan, which he was, I completely understand if he says he hates every thing about the Broncos. So I did ask him, and his reply was not quite what I expected. He said the dumb bastard “does not have to pray everytime after scoring a “T.D.” So I in returned said that it was his own version of a T.D. celebration, just like almost every other dude taking to the house.

So I said ,What if you ran the marketing department for the NFL, and you wanted to put a face to your product that reflected all that is good about it? As of now, you face is mostly Ray Lewis. The same Ray Lewis who was in a limo with three of his homies, along with two other dudes. When the doors open, the two dudes are stabbed to death, and Ray, and his pals did not see anything.” “And thank goodness there are a lot more Tebows in your league, than Rays.”

Well, the guy actually said he had not thought of it like that. I wonder how many folks don’t think of it like that? Is this world so messed up, that when a good, honest, clean living sports star comes along, it is seen as something negative? So who would you want baby sitting your kids, or watching your back? Tebow or Ray-Ray?

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