Why Does Bad Sell So Good?

I have grown tired of seeing articles and television programming that focuses on the bad behaviors of people. Lets start with an obvious example: Aaron Hernandez NFL player, thug and murderer. His face and story is everywhere right now. Tim Tebow NFL player, same team as Hernandez, graduated from the same college, all around good guy, and Chritian…nothing but crickets! Unless somebody is knocking him for being too good of a guy.

I know this is nothing new, but my gosh, how many people follow this crap daily, but they don’t give a crap about our crumbling nation? IRS scandle…so what? Forced health care….so what? OK, you know where I am going with this.

Back to my happy place. I am looking forward to my golf season starting in February. Sounds like a long ways off, but it is not. The work year passes in a blink of an eye, as does my summer vacations. Some folks say this is a sign of old age, but I think it is more of a sign of realizing life ain’t all that bad when you focus on the good.

Another ” In A Blink Of An Eye” Story

I recently was blessed enough to speak with a nice young man who had substitute taught at my campus. He recently graduated from a university in Florida, and returned to California. He was telling about what a wonderful day he had. The students and staff were great, and he enjoyed the Friday treats that were in the staff’s lounge. We spoke about golf, and he had asked me what I liked about coaching the sport. He was eager to return and I told him I would make sure to pull some strings and get him back ASAP.

The other day in the local news paper there was a report of an automobile accident involving to men. Only a name was given. It was the same as “our sub”. His is a common name, so I did some checking. II contacted the paper, but they could not confirm he was the nice man I had spoken to. Well, what the paper could not confirm in an e-mail to me, it did on the obituary page. It was him. Our conversation lasted 20 minutes; a blink of an eye. He died at 26 years of age: A blink of an eye.

This is why I believe so much in My Father. While it is a sad day here for his family, fiends, and those like me who briefly knew him, it is a joyous day in Heaven. He is now home with The Father and His Son.

MIA: January!

What the heck happened to January? We were hanging out after December left for an eleven month vacation. I know Jan was suppossed to be here for 31 days, but apparently left after just a week or two. Don’t get me wrong, I like Febuary, but Feb comes and goes every year in with a blink of an eye.

Maybe we should just put all of the months together and create on, 365 day long month. Then, I would request to take a one month vacation from work!

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