Critics Worse Than Urinating Marines: By Jay Ambrose

This article is a breath of fresh air! Mr. Ambrose will never be confused for a moderate, or anything close to a right leaning dude. I also find it interesting that this video was released just as Lieon Pesnetta informing us what the Obama administration was going to do to our military in the coming days.
By Jay Ambrose
Four Marines urinated on the bodies of three Afghans apparently thwarted in their ambitions to shoot off the Marines’ heads. The desecrating deed was an abridgment of military rules, and though it’s highly dubious, could have an adverse impact on U.S. operations in Afghanistan, but something worse has ensued.

That’s the reaction, which, in the overreaching hands of some, has been far more a moral abuse than anything done to insensible corpses. The yelping and screaming have themselves been a desecration, but a desecration of the living, a means of terrifying and vilifying young, self-sacrificing American volunteers already subjected to the endless brutality of a war that’s not a war. It’s a nation-building process that instead of allowing adequate self-defense, subjects our military to constant sneak attacks by pretend civilians.

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