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COLORADO Shooter’s Father Was Scheduled to Testify As Whistle-Blower to Senate Over LIBOR Scandal
Shocking details have emerged over the weekend regarding the alleged Colorado Batman shooter James Holmes.
Holmes’ father, Robert Holmes, reportedly is a senior lead analyst with FICO, and was scheduled to testify as a whistle-blower in the coming weeks regarding the LIBOR scandal, was was reportedly ready to NAME BIG NAMES involved in the massive global fraud as well as provide evidence to the Senate Banking Committee linking the high level executives to their crimes!

Robert Holmes, the shooting suspect’s father, is a senior lead scientist with FICO, the American credit score company. He was scheduled to testify in the next few weeks before a US Senate panel that is investigating the largest bank fraud scandal in world history. This banking fraud threatens to destabilize and destroy the Western banking system.

Robert Holmes not only uncovered the true intent of the massive LIBOR banking fraud, but his “predictive algorithm model” also traced the trillions of “hidden”dollars to the exact bank accounts of the elite classes who stole it. In other words, Robert Holmes could NAME NAMES!
Those names WOULD AWAKEN THE WORLD to the depth of government and corporate corruption which could include members of Congress, Wall Street, Federal Reserve and EU executives and could even include US Presidential candidates and the British Royal family.

The motives for the massacre are:

1) To silence whistle-blower Robert Holmes whose son is now facing a possible death sentence

2) To influence the upcoming vote on the UN Global Small Arms Treaty which could result in gun confiscation and disarming world citizens. The UN treaty could override national sovereignty and give a license to federal governments to assert preemptive gun control powers over state regulatory powers.

Who Offed Lincoln?

This is some interesting stuff you won’t catch on the nightly news:;wap2
ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S ASSASSINATION website describing the conspiracy of international bankers:

“This theory is that Abraham Lincoln was killed as a result of his monetary policies. John Wilkes Booth would be seen as a ‘hired gun.’ In its simplest terms, the theory is that Lincoln needed money to finance the Civil War. He was offered loans at high interest rates by bankers in Europe led by the Rothschilds. Rather than accept the loans, Lincoln found other means to fund the war effort. More importantly, the British bankers opposed Lincoln’s protectionist policies. Some Englishmen in the 1860’s believed that “British free trade, industrial monopoly and human slavery travel together.” Lincoln’s policies after the Civil War would have destroyed the Rothschilds’ commodity speculations. After the war, Lincoln planned a mild Reconstruction policy which would have enabled a resumption of agriculture production. The Rothschilds were betting the other way on high prices caused by a tough Reconstruction policy toward the South. Lincoln was viewed as a threat to the established order of things, and he was assassinated as a result. The goal was to weaken the United States so the Rothschilds could takeover its economy. An article titled “The Rothschilds’ International Plot to Kill Lincoln” was published October 29, 1976, in New Solidarity.”

Do Whites Have Rights? via Elliot Lake News

Do Whites Have Rights?.

Do Whites Have Rights?Jan
[Editor’s Note: The following snippet is taken from Pioneer Little Europe Blog located in Kalispell, Montana whose purpose is to draw attention to the concept of creating racially conscious White communities.]

Only Whites can NOT have a racial space of their own……..

Though having been aware of this for some time, I’ve recently noticed that several media stories have surfaced showing how different ethnic groups are allowed to have their own living space, schools and so forth without ending up on the cover of the SPLC Intelligence Report.

In Toronto, Canada they approved of a Black focused public school that features a curriculum and teaching environment oriented around Black history and culture.

Now, I don’t disagree with this approach. I believe in a racial soul that reflects the drastic differences in the art, music and religion of different peoples

10 reasons why I’m not British and I probably never will

10 reasons why I'm not British and I probably never will.

1. I don’t stand outside a pub at 5PM on a Friday in December drinking lager, smoking a rolled up cigarette, wearing tracksuit and a vest, when it’s only 4degrees C (or 39 degrees F )

2. I don’t go out on Friday or Saturday night during the winter wearing only a Lipsy dress with a clutch bag and peep toe shoes (my outfit could be more likely to be jeans, leggings underneath, socks, another pair of socks, long sleeve t-shirt, jumper, jacket, scarf, and I will be still so brave to claim I’m cold!) See the daily mail article (

Don’t Get Your Knickers in a Twist

Don't Get Your Knickers in a Twist.

For the Brit’s part we come out with some dreadful stuff. A mate of mine (there’s a good British phrase) went to live in California many years ago and was taken out to dinner by his new work team. After eating, drinking and making merry he stood up and announced in a loud British accent ‘Right, I’m off outside for a fag’. The restaurant stopped dead; 70 pairs of eyes fixed on him. He found out why pretty quick.

Britons Rediscovering Themselves

Britons Rediscovering Themselves.

However, perhaps only by informing people (and thus smashing apart these ludicrous (multi-racial) fairy tales), will the inner struggle and outer national culture on the matter, change towards that of actively seeking self-preservation.

If they are told they are nothing — were nothing — have a shameful past — are the same as everybody else — all interchangeable — have no homeland — have nothing unique, etc, then in their view, why would (indigenous Brits) care, or even fight in any way against what is taking place (in their homeland)?

If we are going to set out our premise of why we nationalists hold some of the ‘tricky’ (political-incorrect) positions we do, then I think we need to have balanced tone and factual articles like this one (and the one before it) from time to time to remind us – and to inform new people who may be coming along with fresh eyes.

There is a gulf out there, it seems, between those of us who know these silly games they play, and know the real state of affairs – and those who are ignorant of them and have no understanding of why we hold some of the views we do.

Unbelievably, I still hear debates and phone-in callers going on about “hating people just because they do not look like you do” or being “ignorant” of different races and cultures and religions and “ignorant” of our so-called ‘mongrel’ ”nation-of-immigrants”.

American Minute

American Minute

President James Warren, who died NOVEMBER 28, 1808, approved the Massachusetts Resolution: “In Provincial Congress, Watertown, June 16, 1775- As it has pleased Almighty God in his Providence to suffer the calamities of an unnatural war to take place among us…the most effectual way to escape those desolating judgments…will be that we repent.” The Resolution continued: “Among the prevailing sins of this day, which threaten the destruction of this land, we have reason to lament the frequent prophanation of the Lord’s Day, or Christian Sabbath..It be recommended by this Congress, to the people…that they…pay a religious regard to that day, and to the public Worship of God thereon.”

The First Wookie And Dr. J-Bi Booed By Some At NASCAR Race: What, She Is Now Proud To Be An American?

This is America, and folks have the right to approve, or disapprove of our public figures. And Michey gets everything that is tossed her way. She is helping vets, awesome, good for her, but people are not booing that. They are booing her husband’s and her political views. She is a world class hypocrite.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden were grand marshals at today’s NASCAR season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway, appearing as part of their charitable campaign to support military veterans and their families.

But their benign, bipartisan cause wasn’t enough to prevent public fallout from the nation’s polarized political climate as they were introduced before the crowd.

Britain Is Too Tolerant By Far! (via News, Views, and Nonsense)

Britain Is Too Tolerant By Far! Today, a day of world sadness when we remember those who died on September 11 2001, still the Muslim fanatics must have their voices heard. During the one minute silence for the victims, held at the moment the first hi-jacked aircraft flew into the World Trade Centre, a group of Islamic militants were outside the US Embassy in London shouting their hatred and burning the US flag. What is more amazing, is that the police moved on a group of Europe … Read More

via News, Views, and Nonsense

The Insanity of Self-Indulgence (via News, Views, and Nonsense)

The Insanity of Self-Indulgence I have just seen an item on the BBC news page that begs comment While I do not neccessarily agree with colonization of one country by another, it cannot be denied that in countries like Zimbabwe, the effects were almost all positive. There was work and food for everyone, and the population lived to a standard unimaginable in todays Zimbabwe, in fact in the rest of Africa. What a shame it was all destroyed by one man, with a thirst for power equal … Read More

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