A Simple Question?

Why is it when you ask certain types of folks a simple, yes or no question, ya get an unsimple answer. A co-worker of mine was spouting off about people who are losing their jobs. I asked, do you think that anyone’s job should be guaranteed? He replied, “Well”…… I will stop here because whatever it was he was spoutin’, was not, did not, nor ever did contain the words yes, or no!

I guess the ultimate shuck and jive answer came from Bubba Clinton, when he was gettin’ grilled during the “diddlin” Lewnisky episode. He had to go hillbilly Perry Mason and try to re-define the meaning of “is.” For Pete’s sake, folks just need to give a straight answer, unless they are playin’ for the “other” team, then they can give a “gay” yes or no!

Somebody here at work made some cookies and gave me one. I took a bite, and I swear it had worm turds in it. “They asked me;” Ya like it?” With an upside down smile, I said, “no, it taste like worm turds.” Then again, I never have grubbed on worm turds, so what the heck kinda dumbass answer was that? 🙂

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