In Response To Allan D. Clark’s ” Political Action Matters!”

As most of you all know, I work for a school district in California, and sadly, a member of the C.S.E.A. The reason why I use the word “sadly” to describe my union, is that it is controlled by people who have helped to destroy California’s tax base. After 30 plus years of endorsing liberal California candidates for offices that they are almost always elected too, they increase taxes and create regulations that drive businesses out-of-state.

This brings me to the words of the CSEA’s president, Alan D. Clark, who also happens to be an employee in my district. “As leaders of a labor union, we must do everything possible not only to protect what we have and survive through these tough times, but to thrive and grow our organization so that we can move forward into the future.”

My first response to these words? “The leaders have done everything possible to create this mess!” He wrongly associates the early private unions with the public employees unions. The words “everything possible should worry any California tax payer. I sat in a meeting when Mr. Clark was our Chapter’s president. He said that day that, “If we see our superintendent, board member, or district negotiation member in public, that we should approach them, get in their face, and ask tell them what we think.” IO could not believe what I was hearing. It was mean, cold hatred hate to the core.

So I can just imagine what the “everything possible” means. This is why I am going to run for my chapter’s top seat. I am tired, and I am sure there are many more like me, of my union being guided by people who are in bed with the most liberal, anti-business, pro-taxes politicians and organization in America.

My best campaign platform is ” The C.S.E.A has had it way for the past 30 plus years, and look at the mess we are now in?” I would like to see some loony liberal public union leader defend the 30 year record!

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