Don’t Look Now: My Support Is Growing

As I have said, I am running for president for my chapter’s presidency. I produced a flyer that introduces myself, and explains my views on topics that are directly related to the issues I and my fellow members are faced with. Well, looks like there are a lot more conservatives, and folks who want to deal with the issues in a professional, non-combative intelligent manner. I was once told by a fellow, liberal C.S.E.A. member that “your chapter is what you make it.” If I win this darn thing, I will have to tell him he is right. I am wondering how many other folks through out the C.S.E.A are of like mind? Could it be possible to actually shift the pro democrat, left-wing public union to the right? I say Ya betcha ya! The loss of jobs and the huge state debt can be directly tied to the public union’s leadership. And as I say, many of the average union workers, are hard-working, decent folks, just trying to provide for their families. Below is the letter that I wrote:


My name is John Heaton and I will be running for president.

Let me start by telling you about myself: I attended Modesto Junior College and earned an A.S. in Business Management. I transferred to C.S.U. Stanislaus and earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. I later returned to Stanislaus State and completed an English Waiver that allowed me to enter the Teacher Credentialing program. I have worked at the high school since 2001. I attended and completed the Job Steward 1 training. I also served as President, and secretary of my Lion’s Club.

When asked why I would be willing to run for president of CSEA Chapter 31 , I responded,” Because I want to give new voices a chance to be heard in a safe and civil environment.” What do I mean by this? I believe there are many of us that want to work in a non combative, positive environment with our local district representatives and fellow union members. Speaking with multiple members over the past few years, many have voiced concern that they are being left out. They have been made to feel that if they are un-able to attend meetings, then they lose the right to have their voices heard.

If elected chapter president, these are a few things that I will promise to do:

# Insure that “all” Chapter 31 members rights are protected. Monitor RUSD actions and provide the members with monthly updates.

# Expect chapter members to always be respectful, and civil towards fellow union members, RUSD employees and school board members. Conduct ourselves the same way at all public forums. This means no personal attacks.

#- Always be honest and open with all members and not give answers to questions because it is “something they want to hear.”

#- Look for solutions to the problems we are facing from all points of views.

# Hold chapter meetings at various locations and times.

I would also like to address a concern that I am “anti-union”. This is untrue. I am against the continued support of politicians and propositions that raise personal taxes and discourage businesses from locating in California. It makes no sense to support politicians who claim to be for the union’s members, but raise the cost of living through increased taxes. And how much of our union dues have been spent over the years getting these people elected? But this is my opinion, and I do not care how a person votes, but only that their choice is an informed one.

I am very supportive of all our chapter’s members working together to ensure that none of our rights as workers, and individuals, are violated by our district office. I believe any member should feel confident they will be supported if, and when, there is a work related issue. As I have stated before, all members need to be civil, and respectful of each other. In these lean times, we need as much input from everyone.

The re-printing of this letter is the sole property of John David Heaton III; aka The Conservative Hillbilly. It may not be re-printed or distributed without my permission. If you are a part of my anti-fan club, and try to screw with me or my material, I will kick your ass only in court, if you are lucky and I am in a good mood:)

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