It Is About Time: GOP Candidate Bitch Slaps Chucky Rose

This needs to be done more often by republicans, and conservatives alike. Stop letting the liberals in the media dictate the conversations. Call these liberal punk-asses out when they make ignorant statements and assumptions. These media liberals are quick to gloss over statements that are made by folks who support “their people.” Rev Wright, Obammy’s mentor, is a prime example. Barry sat in homie’s radical, antisemitic church for 20 plus years, but hey, he never believed what the “Wright was cooking”, but some Santorum supporter named Foster tells a lame joke, and guys like Charlie Rose want him to drop out of the race! Why liberal like Rose don’t get the crap kicked out of them is beyond me. Oh wait, probably did when he was in school!

SANTORUM: Hold on, Charlie. When you quote a bad joke from a supporter of mine that somehow I’m responsible for, that’s “gotcha.”

ROSE: No one’s saying your responsible, Senator. They’re asking how you would characterize it and what you said to him. Not that you were responsible. It’s to understand how you differ from what this person said.

SANTORUM: So now I’m gonna have to respond to when every supporter says something. Look, this is what you guys do. You don’t do this with President Obama. In fact, with President Obama, you went out and defended him from someone he sat in a church for 20 years and defended him with “Oh, he can’t possibly believe what he listened to for 20 years.” This is a double standard, it’s what you’re pulling off, and I’m gonna call you on it.

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