Palestinian: I Always Know How To Get Your Attention By A-1

Below is a response that a good blogging friend, and brother in Christ wrote to a rabid, white self loathing liberal who refuses to paint the “palestinians” as bad.
I have posted extensively on the fact that there is no and never was any Palestinian people. Therefore the plight of this sham group of people is the result of their own illegitimate and illegal presence in the Holy land. God owns the land and he gave it to Abraham and his legitimate son Isaac. As a matter of fact he gave them the land from the Great Sea (The Mediterranean) to the Euphrates river in Iraq. So the “so called” Palestinians are trespassing and owe back rent. The Jews are not asking them to leave what is legally Jewish property, but they are not happy being squatters, they want to kill the landlord.
Don’t worry about the Palestinians, they will get what they have coming and all this will soon workout.

And yes I have know Palestinians. One of my customers was a wealthy Palestinian who lived in a mansion up on the hill above my Chevron Station. He was in the wholesale meat business. All very nice people unless the subject of Jews came up.

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